Affording the Dentist when You Don’t Have Dental Coverage

Family Dentist Fuquay Varina no insuranceApproximately 75 million, or nearly 25 percent of the population, lack dental coverage. Children are the most likely to have dental care covered, while nearly 70 percent of seniors over 65 do not, and compared to the rest of the country, North Carolina’s rates of dental coverage are lower than the national average. These statistics all mean that a lot of people are going without needed preventative and emergency dental care because they can’t afford it. Skipping regular cleanings and not getting minor issues taken care of means a higher risk for expensive, dangerous complications and severe decay and gum disease. To help you get the dental care you need, our Fuquay Varina family dentist is sharing tips on affording the dentist without insurance.

Using Your Health Savings Account

If you have a health savings account or a flexible spending account, you have tax-free money that can be used for approved medical care, and this includes many dental services. The money can be used on you, your approved spouse, and any eligible children, and while you can’t use the money in the account for cosmetic issues like teeth whitening or veneers, you can use it for:

If you’re not sure if the treatment you need is covered, reach out to your insurance company to find out for sure.

Financing or Medical Credit Cards

If you have a dental emergency and no insurance, you may be scrambling to fund the visit or even weighing whether you can go without treatment. Fortunately, most dental offices do either third party financing that allows you to make payments on any treatment you receive.

You can also apply for a medical credit card, like Care Credit. Specifically designed for medical use, like glasses, dental care, and even veterinary bills, it offers a period of no interest following treatment so you can pay it off quickly. Most dental offices do accept it, but it’s important to check your family dentist to be certain.

Dentist Offices with Memberships

One emerging trend in dental care is a monthly membership to a dentist. By paying a monthly or an annual fee, you are covered for a variety of services, such as:

  • A basic teeth cleaning every six months;
  • Oral cancer screenings with check up
  • X-rays as needed;
  • An emergency exam;
  • Discount on any added treatment;

This provides you and your family with a way to budget for preventative care so you don’t have to put off necessary cleanings or checkups. We find this the most beneficial way to afford dental care without insurance because if you take full advantage of the benefits, you can come out ahead as far as the value of the services compared to the cost of the membership.

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